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hmong siskiyou oppression

Time to Stop the Oppression Against the Hmong

The Hmong have been getting ‘it’ from all sides of the proverbial pond as the expression goes. Here in California the Hmong have been singled out as the group who are being deprived of water in Siskiyou County. And in Laos the Hmong are being persecuted.

Yoga Gives Back

A Global Gathering for India

A Global Gathering for India presented by Yoga Gives Back which started yesterday, June 25-27th, 2021 is raising $100,000 to support India in this time of crisis.

I quit

The New Work ‘Ideal’ – “I Quit”

I was able through accommodation to remain on remote work through the end of this school year. And therein lies the rub. After working from home for one year I realized that I could not go back inside.

where's barack

Where’s Barack?

My absolute favorite so far, perhaps not counting our current POTUS who I think has great heart and talent, is Barack Obama. Obama raises the bar on class to a level most people could not reach if they planted a beanstalk.

The Week in Psychedelics - June 8, 2021

The Week in Psychedelics – June 8, 2021

Psychedelics as we know are having it’s day. And have been. Cannabis has been having its day since 1996 when California passed Prop 215 more compassionately known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 which permitted the use of medical cannabis.

summer of love

Psychedelics: From the Summer of Love to the Summer of IP and Stocks

We are 54 years from the Summer of Love when in 1967 San Francisco became the focal point for young people to flap their wings against conservative social values and spread their wings in experimentation of sexual expression and drug experimentation.


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