First UFO Congress Hearing in 50 Years Goes Nowhere Slowly

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American politicians have a habit of slamming on brakes when the topic could cost support from conservative voters. The last time they tried to unravel the mind of the military regarding visitors from space was 1969, when they closed out Project Blue Book.

“The project closed in 1969 and we have no information on sightings after that date” the official report laconically concludes. This is strange. Are they asleep on their watch?

Wikipedia has a list of UFO sightings longer than this article.  It kicks off with ships in the sky in 218 BC, and culminates with last year’s sighting in New Mexico of a “cruise missile type of thing”.

U.S. House of Representatives Gathers to Update the Record

The Project Blue Book files must have been somewhat dusty when a House Intelligence Committee gathered Tuesday May 17, 2022 in an attempt to update history. Old timers among them may have remembered there were no laptops and smart phones to store data in 1969.

However, the aliens that “did not exist” according to that dated report, may have already been capable of hypersonic speed. That is, if we open our minds beyond the paradigm earthlings are top of the brain pool.

The Evidence on the Table This Time in Congress

This time Pentagon officials displayed a split-second, blurry video clip of a shiny, ball-shaped object flying past a U.S. military fighter jet. We have reliable evidence from a former U.S. Navy pilot that aircraft would have been traveling between 650 and 1,400 mph, depending on the model of the airplane. So that ball was traveling like a bullet!

The members of the House Intelligence Committee were, let’s be polite, somewhat rusty on the topic, and still trying to get traction. Meanwhile Pentagon officials testified under oath the U.S. government had not collected materials from any alien landing on Earth, according to a New York Times Report.

That reference to Earth opens an interesting possibility they may have found alien materials on Moon and Mars, but we’ll leave that thought there and get back on topic.

What Did the Pilot Actually See on the Day?

We have to rely on the video footage the Pentagon officials provided. Although to be honest we are surprised the quality is so fuzzy, given the high tech environment in U.S. military. However, to be fair everything happened in a split-second, and the pilot does confirm they spotted the “object”.

The military officials provided more evidence of difficulties interpreting high-speed aerial data. That was when they replayed 2019 recordings shot through night-vision lenses. This time the focus was on glowing green triangles moving through the air.

Their interpretation of these phenomena was once again inconclusive. However, they said they were satisfied a repeat incident earlier this year on East Coast was caused by drones. And the spooky look was an artifact of the lens that produced the imagery they explained away smoothly.

Other U.S. Navy aircraft also observed unmanned aircraft nearby at that time, Scott W. Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence conceded, “But we’re now reasonably confident that these triangles correlate to unmanned aerial systems in the air” he insisted. This leaves several questions hanging. Whose drones? What is reasonable confidence, and by whose account?

What Happened When the Shades Drew Down?

The House Intelligence Committee then went into classified session “where the Pentagon officials could candidly discuss the capabilities and limitations of the cameras”. Meanwhile Congress strove for greater transparency over incidents hitherto cloaked in secrecy.

Later, in open sessions the military explained they needed to be careful not to say too much. Bray did his best to be perfectly convincing like a pussy cat at supper time.

“We do not want potential adversaries to know exactly what we’re able to see or understand, or how we come to the conclusion,” New York Times cites him saying in an open session that followed. “Therefore, disclosures must be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis,” he insisted.

Pentagon Promises a More Effective Service

Government officials and public representatives love making future promises, because this defers the need to do something right away. The Pentagon promised Congress they were building a “new task force” to collect more information and get answers sooner.

We find this move interesting because a Project Blue Book update says “Since Project BLUE BOOK was closed, nothing has happened to indicate that the Air Force ought to resume investigating UFOs.

“Because of the considerable cost to the Air Force in the past, and the tight funding of Air Force needs today, there is no likelihood the Air Force will become involved with a UFO investigation again.” What happened to change that? Could this possibly mean, behind the scenes the U.S. Air Force suspects there is something out there after all?

Skeptical Congress Committee Wades in With Questions

The deputy director of naval intelligence had done his best to convince Congress the videos were simply too fuzzy to reach conclusions. However, he was about to discover he was not addressing a military parade under his own command.

Chairman of House Intelligence Subcommittee Rep André Carson, Democrat was quick off the mark. He spoke for the committee when he said he feared the military was sometimes more obsessed with problems, than investigating what it could.

“You need to show us, Congress, and the American public whose imagination you have captured you are willing to follow the facts where they lead,” he insisted. “I am looking for you to assure us today that all conclusions are on the table.”

Ronald S. Moultrie, Defense Department’s under-secretary for intelligence gallantly came to Gray’s assistance as he assured the assembled representatives. “We have our inquisitiveness; we have our questions,” he insisted. “We want to know what’s out there as much as you want to know what’s out there.”

Was the Department of Defense Divided Among Itself?

We have our suspicions at Dark Matters many U.S. officials are openly dismissive of visiting aliens, and wish to slam the file closed again on the matter. Moultrie was playing guitar with a broken string if, as some allege he attends sci-fi conventions in his private capacity as science fiction devotee.

Bray took the gap again when he insisted they had no firm evidence of any extra-terrestrial presences. Although Rep Rick Crawford, Republican threw a curved distraction when he tried to divert the discussion in the direction of Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons.

“We need to know what these things are,” he demanded. “Are we dealing with a massive intelligence failure to identify a new terrestrial threat?”

“When we spot something we don’t understand or can’t identify in our airspace, it’s the job of those we entrust with our national security to investigate and report back,” chimed in Rep Adam B. Schiff, California Democrat leading the Intelligence Committee.

An Inconclusive Result from a Divided Committee

Rep Tim Burchett, Republican sat in the back row of the room as observer. He accused the Pentagon of fogging the picture and denying the evidence later.  “We just got hosed,” he told the media later.

“On some level I think it is a cover-up. I have a T-shirt I sell on my website. It says more people believe in UFOs than believe in Congress.” So the smoke and mirror charade continues, despite the unlikelihood we are the only intelligent life form in the Universe.

Author: Richard Farrell (Dark Matters)

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