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george gascon

Meet George Gascon – Los Angeles’ New Hero D.A

Gascon may be a little bit Sonny Carisi and Rafael Barba rolled into one. A former beat cop who like Sonny Carisi earned his J.D. degree while working as a cop, Gascon quickly rose through the ranks of the LAPD to Assistant Chief of Police.

cannabis crunch

The Great Cannabis Crunch

No industry is untouched by this staffing shortage and the cannabis industry is no exception. The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) in Los Angeles is feeling this staffing crunch as they struggle to keep up with all the cannabis licencing responsibilities in the city.

critical race theory

I’m Jewish and Critical Race Theory Matters to Me

So what is Critical Race Theory? It’s seeds were not sprouted from the halls of Congress. Rather the term was coined in the halls of academia by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw a law professor from UCLA and Columbia Schools of Law.

2022 CA Laws

Ringing in the New Year With New 2022 California Laws

Governor Newsom signed a mammoth 770 new laws in 2021 and although some will not take effect on Day 1 like mandating mental health instruction in schools or requiring gender-neutral toy sections in stores, most will.


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