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Super Flower Blood Moon: An Astronomical Event

Super Flower Blood Moon: An Astronomical Event

You can take advantage of the “only total lunar eclipse of 2021” which takes place on Wednesday morning May 26 when “the moon will be completely shadowed by Earth for about 14 minutes and 31 seconds”.


2068 Apocalypse: Awaiting Asteroid Apophis

On March 6th, a 340-meter-wide asteroid flew by Earth. Although relatively unnoticed this time around, this massive space rock is not gone for good – and when it returns the world will hold its breath, bracing for possible impact.

women of mars 2020

The Female Faces of Mars 2020: Celebrating the Women at NASA

As we look in awe at the images of the red desert planet sent back by Perseverance – such as the Jezero Crater below – we also celebrate Women’s History Month, so let us take a moment to praise some of the women helping humanity reach Mars.




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