“Nasdaq Day” – The Day MindMed Rang the Opening Bell

nasdaq day

The date April 19 is affectionately known as Bicycle Day in the psychedelic world: the day Albert Hoffman intentionally dosed himself with LSD in 1943. To psychonauts across the globe the rest is history and psychedelic science over the decades has slowly come out of the proverbial closet. https://doubleblindmag.com/brief-history-of-lsd-holiday-bicycle-day/

The date April 29 might now be affectionately called “Nasdaq Day”  –  the day a psychedelic medicine biotech company intentionally rang the Nasdaq Opening Bell to let the world know that not only did this one company begin trading on the Nasdaq on April 27, under the symbol “MNMD”, but that psychedelic medicine is no longer a fringe industry and that intentional dose seventy-eight years ago has snowballed into a full-fledged industry designed to help those who suffer from from a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues.  

The bell ringing ceremony is a classic event at the Nasdaq MarketSite where a company is given the opportunity and honor of displaying their achievements “before a global audience”. 

Hosted by a Nasdaq senior executive, our opening and closing bell ceremonies provide a platform for companies to generate meaningful brand exposure.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a very seasoned CEO or a guest of the company – it’s that ‘wow’ moment of seeing themselves on the seven-story tower. It’s an emotional moment when they’re here.” Nelson Griggs, President, Nasdaq Stock

That is exactly what CEO JR Rahn and early investor, Shark Tank’s very own “Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O’Leary did. They rang in a new era as they took the psychedelic renaissance one more step into the future. The ceremony took place at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio in Times Square in front of a global audience. Joe Brantuk, Nasdaq’s Chief Client Officer hosted the event.  

MindMed has been listed on the Canadian stock exchange and is now dual listed proving to the world that not only is MindMed here to stay, psychedelics are in fact a viable answer to mental illness and addiction, and these substances are only going to become more essential and to be taken seriously.  MindMed is “focused on bringing psychedelic-inspired therapies and medicines to market.”

“MindMed is sponsoring several clinical trials using both hallucinogenic doses and non-hallucinogenic microdoses of psychedelic drugs to treat addiction, adult ADHD, depression, and anxiety.”

The iconic Times Square where every year the New Year’s ball is dropped ringing in a new year in front of a global audience, which for many consider New York the universal wristwatch makes this moment all the more fitting.  As I watched the ceremony I became a bit teary-eyed, the same way I do watching the New Year’s ball drop. https://www.nasdaq.com/videos/mindmed-rings-the-nasdaq-stock-market-opening-bell

The significance of New York – the financial capital of the world and a psychedelic medicine company that is now listed alongside such giants as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon on the Nasdaq – this is a re-emergence moment. This is Nasdaq Day – the day the Nasdaq stepped into the psychedelic renaissance. #NasdaqDay

Full disclosure: this writer does own shares of MindMed but is not benefiting from the writing of this story. 

Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing you read in here should be taken as investment advice. The discussion of securities and ideas is never to be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any.  Always do your own due diligence.

Author: Sherri Margolin (Dark Matters)

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