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Imagine an app that could detect subtle changes in your voice. Imagine if that app could tell a mental health clinician if you were experiencing anxiety or depression or a subtle change in mood. Imagine putting the two together – an app that could detect through subtle cues in your voice over time if you were experiencing changes in your mental health state. Imagine if that app were a lifesaving changing device for the betterment of your mental wellbeing. 

There is such a technology: speech based technology to detect mental illness. This exciting area of science uses a depression indicator based on voice much the same way one would use a step counter when out for a walk. In February, Life Clips entered this field for psychedelic science. But before I say more about that. What is this novel science?  

“According to a paper presented at the Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Mashrura Tasnim, PhD student, and Eleni Stroulia, PhD, professor in the department of computing science at University of Alberta, Canada, developed a methodology that combines several machine-learning algorithms to detect depression using acoustic cues.”

“A realistic scenario is to have people use an app that will collect voice samples as they speak naturally,” Stroulia said in a press release. “The app, running on the user’s phone, will recognize and track indicators of mood, such as depression, over time. Much like you have a step counter on your phone, you could have a depression indicator based on your voice as you use the phone. This work, developing more accurate detection in standard benchmark data sets, is the first step.”

In clinical settings these technologies can “predict the emergence of psychosis”, “detect PTSD in veterans”, analyze speech patterns to measure emotion in bipolar disorder”, and “detect anxiety, depression in children”.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more prevalent in health care. The science of training computers is providing clinicians with additional insights into the mental health of patients, which they may be able to soon use to determine appropriate treatment plans. Read more.

“Using speech segments from cellphones, researchers can measure the levels of activation and valance to determine features of speech associated with emotions. The hope is that this method can monitor variability of emotion over time among individuals with bipolar disorder.”

Enter Life Clips OTCMKTS: LCLP

In February Life Clips Inc. “entered into a letter of intent to acquire Cognitive Apps Software Solutions Inc., a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) applications for the healthcare industry and psychedelic research. The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021. The financial terms were not disclosed.”

“Cognitive Apps provides an AI powered mental health analytics platform empowering businesses to measure, understand, and improve mental well-being of their employees and consumers with easy to use tools. The Cognitive Apps assessment is fast and easy to administer. The consumer only needs to record their voice on a handset, iPad, or tablet. Traditional mental health assessments like the Asberg, PHQ-9 and Hamilton are stressful for the patient and can be undermined by learning effects. The Cognitive Apps assessment is designed to be administered as often as monthly, in order to provide a more granular picture of changes in mental health over time. As a result, the Cognitive Apps assessment can be routinely completed to monitor mental health and track variables that might be impacted by treatment. Cognitive Apps currently has partnerships with Ehave Mycotopia, Biomedican, Welmind EMR, Betterhelp, Belshare, and Movefit.”

Not all psychedelic companies have to work with the medicine directly. The patient’s mental state before, during, and after the experience is as important (mindset) as taking the medicine itself. 

“With the acquisition, Life Clips gains access to Cognitive Apps’ intellectual property, including AI enabled speech-based technology, and its research and development team. Life Clips will further develop Cognitive Apps’ technology for use in the development and testing of psychedelics for the treatment of various mental health disorders.”

Cognitive Apps and Ehave, Inc have partnered in this exciting area of AI technology as leaders in digital therapeutics. https://cogapps.com/press.html

“MIAMI, Jan. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ehave, Inc. (OTC Pink: EHVVF) (the “Company”), a leader in digital therapeutics, announced today the Company has signed a partnership agreement with Cognitive Apps Software Solutions Inc. (Cognitive Apps) https://cogapps.com/index.html for its Artificial Intelligence- (AI) based Workforce Mental Health Analytical Platform. The terms of the agreement provide Ehave with the rights to exclusively offer the Cognitive Solutions platform to all psychedelic applications and endeavors in the G20 countries.

Ehave will offer psychedelic companies the AI-based platform as a means of providing actionable insights into the workforce dynamics and mental health of its employees and patients. The platform provides instant, data-driven and actionable insight into the workforce dynamics and mental health of employees and patients. The tool is in the form of an app, which was designed by an MD and PhD-qualified psychiatrist using diagnostic techniques approved by the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization. The app is an AI-controlled mental health monitoring tool based on voice tone and context analysis of an employee or patient’s 5-second audio or text messages daily to analyze his or her tone and emotional state. The platform is based on Apple HealthKit and GoogleFit for data processing and background mental health monitoring, considering factors like physical activity, surrounding noise, work-life balance and sleep. Employee data is not stored but instantly deleted after the analysis and all storage and data solutions are HIPAA and GDPR-compliant.”

Most recently Life Clips is in the news again with more exciting news as they continue to grow and expand. 

“Life Clips announced on July 14, 2021, that it has agreed to acquire Belfrics Group, a global blockchain technology firm that runs cryptocurrency exchanges on its proprietary platform. Given the popularity of the global cryptocurrency market, Life Clips CEO Robert Grinberg stated “I believe having Belfrics Group as an operating subsidiary of the Company will be beneficial for our shareholders. We expect the transaction to close by the end of the third quarter.”

“We are very excited by the potential of Belfrics,” said Belfrics CEO Praveen Kumar, “and look forward to working with Life Clips’ management team to grow our platform. In addition to the Malaysian Digital Asset Exchange license it currently holds, Belfrics has rolled out India’s first blockchain based Covid certification issuance platform for the healthcare sector. Belfrics’ technology division is set to release a decentralized issuance and verification platform for employment and education sectors in the coming quarters.”

What is Belfrics? 

“LCLP made a big move entering the $2 trillion cryptocurrency market expected to reach $8 trillion dollars by 2030, by acquiring Belfrics Group. Belfrics currently has a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Bahrain; and it has the capability to process over 1 million transactions per second. Belfrics Group specializes in blockchain technology and digital asset exchange solutions. Belfrics runs two distinct business verticals: Digital asset exchange and blockchain division. Belfrics is one among the few regulated exchanges across the globe, that provides regulated digital asset trading solutions. Belrium, the proprietary blockchain developed by Belfrics, acts the central focal point of the blockchain division. Belrium, which is a hybrid private-public blockchain solution, focusses on identity management on blockchain for decentralized transactions.” 

Life Clips may prove to be a life changer. We will have to keep on the lookout for more news from this up and coming tech company.

Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing you read in here should be taken as investment advice. The discussion of securities and ideas is never to be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any.  Always do your own due diligence.

Author: Sherri Margolin (Dark Matters)

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