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Luminous Dream Weaver 2021:

How do we weave ourselves out of this web of a nightmare of a life we are living in right now? First we need to accept that we cannot go back to life as we knew it.

We need to transcend into a Brave New Luminous world! It is time to dive deep into our souls and heal and forgive all those who have hurt us.

No matter what kind of trauma you endured as a child, teenager, or as an adult, this is the time to forgive those who abused you on any level and let that go!

Every trauma, illness, or fork in the road of your life has had a purpose, an inherent lesson to be learned and a Lotus Petaled Blessing to unfold with time. 

We all need to recognize that to heal our planet and shift frequencies to a Brave New Luminous World, we have to begin to heal ourselves.

Truth is every single human being has endured trauma on some level to make us stronger, wiser, resilient, and more aligned to follow our Dharma.

(A Sanskrit word that translates into “one’s life purpose”). 

Who am I? 

We come into this world wise, awake, and knowing.

Truth is we pick our parents before we reincarnate into our present day bodies so let’s think about that for a few whirlwinds.

If you watch a baby move, they do not crawl or walk with fear, anger or sadness. Babies are full of love and happiness and they are in the present moment.

They smile at seeing a blooming flower, a ladybug fly, and/or a puppy bark and they do not discriminate when strangers smile at them either.

Babies come into this world with a clean slate in regards to seeing the good in the world all around them.

It is the programming from our parents, caretakers, teachers, and society that changes our biology at a young age.

It is time to wake up from the nightmare of the all encompassing FEAR that is rifting through the air everywhere.

We have to choose LOVE over Fear!

We need to move into our DHARMA (“Life Purpose”) and reconnect with our SOULS.

We all have two angels with us since we were born that move with us wherever we go and are by our sides until we die. Learning this should comfort us especially when we learn that to receive ultimate guidance from our angels all we need to do is ask them for help. We need to reconnect with Divinity and begin to converse with God again.

Usually we do not speak to God until a loved one is hospitalized and is sick and dying.

But to have a daily dialogue with God is sacred and prayer is powerful and healing and accessible to us each and every day. No matter what religion you connect to, God is here for us all.

That is why we all have angels with us guiding us through the tribulations of life. We need to start now to wake up and reconnect to our SOULS.

As a transcendental meditator for 20 years, learning to meditate from an Enlightened Master, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, changed my life forever.

Learning to calm the chatter of the mind and find peace within is a golden treasure at any age and was a gemstone for me at age 23. My Surrogate Father, Bruce Margolin, brought his daughter Allison and myself to our first yoga class at age 15. Learning yoga opened my eyes to the power of presence in the body thru our breath and reconnecting with my soul.

Then at age 16, I chose a Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism class in high school which opened the Lotus flower of my heart even more.

I then learned about the power of my breath from a martial arts class,Tae Kwon Do, which continued my martial arts training from karate as a younger child. I later studied Tai Chi in my late 20s which has a more meditative quality.

Martial Arts is a superb way to deepen your connection to your mind, body , and soul.

At the age of 18, I decided to take Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Course in Santa Monica, California which introduced me to the power of sound and its use for deep healing. Learning about tuning forks and crystals and the harmonics of sound and chanting different vowels for harmonizing the chakras and the body was an eye opener to this Nirvana yogi seeker.

Yoga, meditation, prayer, and sound healing are golden threads to our evolution and have been around for several thousands of years for a reason. Learning these sound healing tools from my Uncle Jon himself started to wake me up to the Healer lineage from the Matriarchs and Patriarchs in my family tree. Growing up with a 2nd generational Famous Doctor as my Dad influenced me in wanting to be a doctor as well. But ultimately, God had a different soul plan for me to walk, the less traveled path of a healer. I was pre-med in college and endured a severe head injury that changed my perspective on healing and medicine.

After seeing the best neurologists in Los Angeles, I realized Allopathic Medicine was not the answer to healing the migraines. This discovery kept me hungry for learning everything I could from the path of Holistic Medicine intersected with the path of a yogi.

I have studied Medical Aromatherapy, Reiki, Homeopathic Medicine, Massage therapy, Medical Intuition, Nutrition, Sound Healing, Ayurveda (the sister Science to Yoga which is a Sanskrit word for “Science of Life”), EFT Tapping Meditations, and Shamanism.


(Download the free version of this app today for a myriad of EFT tapping meditations to lower cortisol levels, calm the mind and body thru tapping on meridian points while speaking about what is emotionally going on in the body and then say affirmations to help heal.)

Ultimately, taking an Art of Living course at age 25 with ancient breathing techniques, yoga, Sudarshayan Kriya and meditation is what healed my seven year migraines. There is a purpose to your suffering. The purpose is to help you wake up from the transcripted life your parents want for you and to recognize that being in connection with your DHARMA and your SOUL is the golden ticket to finding Nirvana and happiness.

As my spiritual teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar once told us,” If you ask a child if they want a piece of cake or peace of mind, the child will always choose a piece of cake. “ As we grow up and become Luminous adults, we need to choose Peace of Mind for ourselves.

If we all individually had Peace of Mind, our planet would heal and so would our biology.


As my Uncle Jon says, “Remember, We Heal the Planet, we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet.”

The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to :

1. Heal Our Planet 2. Heal Our Waters 3. Raise Our Consciousness

-Jonathan Goldman

(19th Annual Sound Healing Day is at noon PST on February 14, 2021)



Together we can all spend at least 10-30 minutes on Valentine’s Day meditating and praying for the healing of our planet, our waters, and ourselves. This is needed this year more than ever while being juxtaposed with a Pandemic. We are currently in the 5th Mass Extinction on the Planet.

While the Sun and Jupiter moved into Aquarius two weeks ago, this has helped to make transformational shifts needed to help clean up the mess on this planet on many levels . WE have moved into the Age of Aquarius which is an exciting time to be alive and be a part of this evolution. Let’s step into the matrix of Luminous Beings… we are moving from HomoSapiens to HomoLuminous. Embrace the journey and each other as we are actually ALL ONE ! (Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Earthkeepers’s Summit 2020,  Earthkeepers’s MasterClass)

Spending time in nature is needed by all of us now more than ever. The practices of Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy are healing and stress relieving especially in the immune and cardiovascular systems providing improved mood, wellness, cognition, and deeper sleep patterns. As we reconnect with the wonder and beauty of the natural world, looking at the blue sky and green trees (the 2 most Pitta Dosha pacifying colors in the Ayurvedic palate), we breathe in clean mountain air in the forest and we can breathe deeply and exhale and our nervous systems can finally relax.

“Nature-deficit disorder” was coined by Richard Louv in his book (2008) ‘Last Child in the Woods’ . The term details how the adverse effects of the dearth of nature in the lives of younger children, adolescents, and young adults are manifesting a multitude of disorders from depression, attention disorders, and obesity.

“Get Out! Now More Than Ever, The Best Path in Life Meanders Through the Woods’ December 2020, Taste of Life ( Page 21)

Lotus Petaled Luminous Vision Quest #1:

WHO are you?

WHAT is your DHARMA?

WHY are you here on this planet?

Go sit outside in Nature for 20-30 minutes and sit in silence and observe the blue sky, the magnificent grounding green trees, and listen to the majestic birds calling and observe the Beauty of Nature all around you.

The Season of Winter is still here and nature keeps persevering and accomplishing so much.

The trees are strong, resilient and so are you and you will persevere through this if you believe it. We all need to get back to our roots and harmonize our mind, body, and souls with Mother Nature.

Meditating is quieting the chatter in your mind and sitting in Nature for 20-30 minutes is a powerful tool we all need to find some Peace of Mind.

Author: Kimberly Goldman (Dark Matters)

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