A Global Gathering for India

Yoga Gives Back

Due to popular demand, A Global Gathering for India presented by Yoga Gives Back continues on replays until July 31st !!

They have raised $89,000 so far and close to the GOAL of $100,000 !!!

Let’s keep going yogis 🙌🏻to give back to Mother India 🇮🇳.

If you register and tell your friends, you can watch the replays over the next two weeks. If you can donate $10, the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life. Coming together from around the world in prayer, chant , yoga & meditation to help Mother India.

Daphne Tse created this charity event with so many great yoga teachers and Kirtan singers from around the word. This is the time to give back to India as so many blessings have been brought to the West with Yoga, Ayurveda, Kirtan, and so much wisdom from so many  beautiful Saints.  As Krishna Das says “ the Saints showed us so much love and kindness and left footprints for us to follow.”

“Fourteen years ago, Yoga Gives Back was born from the idea of one yoga student – she wanted to express her gratitude for the gift of yoga and give back to India, the birthplace of yoga. Today Kayoko Mitsumatsu’s idea has grown into an international effort to support 1400 impoverished mothers and children in India with micro loans and education funds. There are many charity organizations within the yoga community, Yoga Gives Back is unique in its focus on giving back to India to support the serious challenges of poverty and related social issues. “

“Yoga Gives Back (YGB) is a grass roots non profit organization that has spread globally with 150 Ambassadors who are yoga teachers and leaders sharing YGB’s mission with their communities as well as raising funds with their events. YGB works closely with NGO (non-Governmental organizations) in Karnataka and West Bengal, India to carry out and grow YGB programs together.  “

“Donations empower women and children with basic education, scholarships for higher education, micro-loans for businesses and the opportunity to transform their lives and communities. The current crisis and lockdown have severely altered the lives of these families and put the girls and women at risk for domestic violence, child marriage, and sex trafficking.  “

To meet the current needs, Yoga Gives Back will shift support to include sanitary napkins for girls, and education materials for children so they can continue their education and stay at home safely with their families.

“Many girls are from Devadasi families, who would become prostitutes at puberty, as their mothers and grandmothers did.”
YGB Ambassadors visited this home during their Seva trip in January 2018. YGB’s goal is to support 50 girls in this home for the next twelve months.
Your support today can truly transform these girls’ lives.

“We talk to young girls in our villages to encourage them to stay in school.” Otherwise they will be married or trafficked to local brothels. Women’s education is the key to change India’s society. Your support will provide 300 youths with YGB’s Scholarship this year!’

Some of my favorite yogis are highlighted in this Divine event created to open our hearts and honor the wisdom from Mother India.  Friday’s Girish’s chanting set with his daughter Tara was powerful as well as Shiva Rea’s unique yoga set on a mountaintop with an Indian DJ/composer.  Belinda Carlisle and Donna De Lory were phenomenal. On Saturday, Deva Premal & Miten, Govindas & Radha, Sean Corn , Manose from Nepal, Krishna Das, so many more are performing.

Yogis let’s get together and give back to India !


Author: Kimberly Goldman (Dark Matters)

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